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The format for a regular grid would not need explicit position coordinates for each point. The header would contain the shape (number of cells in the x, y, and z directions), the data spacing increment in each direction, and the origin of the grid. The array would then contain a list of attributes, usually in increasing x, then y, then z. A rectilinear grid would be arranged like the regular grid (with implicit connectivity structure) but would have an additional position array (6). INFORMATION VISUALIZATION Information visualization is the application of 2-D and 3-D visualization techniques to information, whether these data are spatial or not.

In this article, we will concentrate mainly on static 3-D Cartesian and structured curvilinear grids. A numerical solution will generally produce a discrete data field, consisting of a combination of scalar, vector, or tensor quantities, given at every grid point. These datasets can be very large, with as many as 104 to 106 nodes and with 10 or more variables defined at every node. This results in a size of 10 Mbytes to 100 Mbytes for constant (time-independent) fields and several gigabytes for time-dependent fields.

E. Tanin, R. Beigel, and B. Schneiderman, Research report: Design and evaluation of incremental structures and algorithms for dynamic query interfaces, Proc. 1997 IEEE Symp. Inf. , 1997, pp. 81–86. 28. C. Beshers and S. Feiner, Autovisual: Rule-based design of interactive multivariate visualizations, IEEE Comput. Graph. , 13: 41–49, 1993. 29. J. A. , Visualizing the non-visual: Spatial analysis and interaction with information from text documents, Proc. 1995 IEEE Symp. Inf. , 1995, pp. 51–58. 30.

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