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By Manuel F. Ruiz-Lopez, Francisco J. Olivares del Valle

This quantity collects study findings provided on the ninth variation of the digital constitution: ideas and purposes (ESPA-2014) foreign convention, held in Badajoz, Spain, on July 2–4, 2014. The contributions disguise study paintings on conception, tools and foundations, fabrics technological know-how, constitution and chemical reactivity in addition to environmental results and modelling. initially released within the magazine Theoretical Chemistry money owed, those extraordinary papers are actually to be had in a hardcover print layout, in addition to a distinct digital version. This quantity offers beneficial content material for all researchers in theoretical chemistry, and should in particular gain these examine teams and libraries with constrained entry to the journal.

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Bendazzoli GL, Evangelisti S, Monari A, Resta R (2010) Kohns localization in the insulating state: one-dimensional lattices, crystalline versus disordered. J Chem Phys 133:064703 20. Bendazzoli GL, Evangelisti S, Monari A (2011) Full-configuration-interaction study of the metal- insulator transition in a model system: Hn linear chains n = 4, 6, . . , 16. Int J Quantum Chem 111:3416–3423 21. Giner E, Bendazzoli GL, Evangelisti S, Monari A (2013) Fullconfiguration-interaction study of the metal-insulator transition in model systems: Peierls dimerization in H(n) rings and chains.

Obviously, there is no difference whatsoever in the population during the pump pulse and the waiting time since for both nuclear spin isomers we have an excitation of some parts of the ground state population onto the excited state, which evolves in time. Only after the onset of the dump laser pulse, when the population transfers back to the ground state from the electronically excited state S2 there is a difference in the population of the ground electronic state between the two isomers, which is maximal at the end p of the dump pulse at t = tp + td + tpd = 2200 fs, demonstrating that the dump process is different for the two different nuclear spin isomers due to its different excited-state dynamics.

Moreover, the reader should notice that in our structural models, the short bonds are always placed at the ends of the chains, regardless of the number of atoms in the chain, in order to avoid huge edge effects induced by isolated or almost-isolated atoms [25]. In fact, a systematic study of this situation goes well beyond the scope of the present work and would deserve a dedicated investigation. (10) 3 Computational details Hydrogen chains, Hn (n = 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16) have been considered, covering molecular configurations from inter-atomic distances between 1 and 8 bohr.

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