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By George Kimball Plochmann

A finished research of “one of the main elusive and refined” of the entire Platonic dialogues. The Gorgias starts off with a dialogue of the character and price of rhetoric and develops into an impassioned argument for the primacy of absolute correct (as expressed by way of sense of right and wrong) within the rules of either private and non-private lifestyles. Plochmann and Robinson heavily learn this nice discussion within the first two-thirds in their e-book, delivering the ultimate 4 chapters to a broader dialogue of its solidarity, sweep, and philosophic implications.

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Kahn, Stanley Rosen, Herman L. Sinaiko, Adele Spitzer, Robert Sternfeld, Eric Voegelin, and Harold Zyskind. There is, however, no good reason to believe that all of them would agree with each other, though family resemblances might be detected in many cases, or that they would countenance what we have maintained in this book. The quoting in a footnote of any author, even when treated favorably, is often a distortion omitting the context, statement of purpose, supporting arguments for what is being quoted, and thus depriving it of its precise meanings.

The best hint that he gives for interpreting another man's work is in the Protagoras (341e347a). There Socrates illustrates the right practice by quoting more of a poem by Simonides, then attaching his own interpretation to what has already been discussed with the doughty sophist, who had been content to deal with a mere line or two of the poem without seeking connections, exterior or interior. For our part, we have thought it necessary to deal with a multiplicity of details as well as broad sweeps.

But by paying some attention to the trifles, we think we can suggest new philosophic shadings or new artistic accents otherwise thought unworthy of consideration. The Gorgias deserves not only exhaustive discussion but comment upon that very discussion, and if this results in a double focus and a long book, so be it. The heavy stress, to take one example, that we are placing upon the personal aspects of the dialogue would be unnecessary for the Philebus, the Statesman, or the Menexenus, which would demand a far lighter touch in this regard.

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