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They increase their electrical resistance under light impact which, as part of an electric circuit, can be measured easily. Many current instruments display diode arrays instead of a single diode. Tens of photodiodes are arranged in a tight area. They are exposed to the sample bound spectrum where they respond to the color that corresponds to their positions in the diode array. A rapid, periodically performed electrical interrogation of all diodes (sequence periodicity in the order of milliseconds) reveals a quasi-stationary stable spectrogram.

20,21 All these systems have been put into mathematical formulae that can be transferred to each other, but possibly different measuring conditions must be taken into account. 22 REFERENCES 1. Pohland, G. , Farben aus der Vogelperspektive, Biol. Uns. Zeit, 2, 131, 2005. 2. , John Wiley & Sons, New York, 1998, 382. 3. Pochapsky, C. , NMR for Physical and Biological Scientists, Garland Science, London, 2006, 350. 4. Gerson, F. , Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2003, 464. 5. J. ), Toxicology of the Human Environment: The Critical Role of Free Radicals, Taylor & Francis, London, 2000, 512.

Reduction of chlorophyll b to chlorophyll a must also play a role in the process of chlorophyll degradation, because during senescence of higher plants, chlorophyll b disappears together with chlorophyll a, but the degradation products are entirely derived from chlorophyll a. 9 Chlorophyll d should arise from chlorophyll a by oxidation of the C-3vinyl residue, but at which stage of chlorophyll biosynthesis this occurs is unknown. 13 Whereas the biosynthesis of chlorophylls a and b in higher plants has been described in detail, the synthesis and regulation of related substances found in less well-known algal groups and lower plants are largely unknown and will be areas of scientific interest in the future.

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