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With complex BlackBerry 6 improvement, you will get a complete examine the hot good points incorporated with SDK 6, together with the net and widgets SDK, the internet browser, and extra. you are going to additionally the best way to reap the benefits of BlackBerry media features equivalent to the digicam and video playback. The ebook additionally exhibits you ways to ship and obtain textual content and multimedia messages, use robust cryptography libraries, and fasten with the user's own and enterprise contacts and calendar.

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You might use this method if, for example, you let the user record video onto limited internal memory, or if you otherwise wish to cap the size of the output. The platform will automatically call commit() after reaching the specified limit. getContentType() reports the format of the recorded media, such as “audio/amr” or “video/3gp”. In practice, you will probably already know this, but it can be informative if you use the default unspecified format. info 49 50 CHAPTER 2: Media Capture TIP: You cannot control the format of the output.

The following pseudocode example shows the simplest way to record a 5-second audio clip. close(); NOTE: This example assumes that the device has a BlackBerry-formatted SD card inserted. In an actual application, you would want to verify that it is available. If you’d prefer to save to internal memory, you could write to a path under file:///store/home/user. listRoots() to obtain a list of all currently mounted filesystems. Considering everything that takes place, it’s rather impressive that this takes only about eight lines of code to write.

If you use these APIs, your code will not run on other Java ME devices. However, because they ultimately produce a Connection object, you should be able to re-use the majority of your code other than the initial setup. App: Media Grabber You now know enough essentials to create a functional BlackBerry app. Throughout this book, we will build a media-sharing application through examples at the end of every chapter. By the time we finish, the app will let you record and play back media, encrypt it, send it to friends, and plug in to the browser.

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