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By Sam Ruby, Dave Thomas, David Heinemeier Hansson

Ruby on Rails is helping you produce fine quality, beautiful-looking net purposes quick. you consider growing the applying, and Rails looks after the main points. Tens of millions of builders have used this award-winning e-book to profit Rails. it is a large, far-reaching educational and reference that is advised by means of the Rails middle crew. if you are new to Rails, you will get step by step tips. in case you are an skilled developer, this e-book provides you with the great, insider details you would like. Rails has developed through the years, and this booklet has advanced besides it. We nonetheless commence with a step by step walkthrough of creating a true software, and in-depth chapters examine the integrated Rails gains. This variation now provides new Ruby and Rails clients additional info at the Ruby language and takes extra time to provide an explanation for key suggestions all through. top practices on the best way to observe Rails proceed to alter, and this variation retains up. Examples use cookie subsidized periods, HTTP authentication, and energetic Record-based varieties, and the e-book focuses all through at the correct technique to use Rails. also, this variation now displays Ruby 1.9, a brand new liberate of Ruby with immense sensible and function advancements.

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0 printing, March 2011) 50 R AILS M ODEL S UPPOR T The create method handles user requests. In this case, it finds the current user’s shopping cart (which is an object managed by the model). It also asks the model to find the information for product 2. It then tells the shopping cart to add that product to itself. (See how the model is being used to keep track of all the business data? ) Now that the cart includes the new product, we can show it to the user. The controller invokes the view code, but before it does, it arranges things so that the view has access to the cart object from the model.

Programs typically test strings against regular expressions using the =~ match operator: if line =~ /P(erl|ython)/ puts "There seems to be another scripting language here" end You can specify repetition within patterns. /ab+c/ matches a string containing an a followed by one or more b’s, followed by a c. Change the plus to an asterisk, and /ab*c/ creates a regular expression that matches one a, zero or more b’s, and one c. Backward slashes start special sequences; most notably, \d matches any digit, \s matches any whitespace character, and \w matches any alphanumeric ("word") character.

Why do we need a tool to do this? Why can’t we just hack away in our favorite editor and create the source for our application from scratch? Well, we could just hack. After all, a Rails application is just Ruby source code. But Rails also does a lot of magic behind the curtain to get our applications to work with a minimum of explicit configuration. To get this magic to work, Rails needs to find all the various components of your application. 1, Where Things Go, on page 258), this means we need to create a specific directory structure, slotting the code we write into the appropriate places.

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