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There's a stunning point of Africa’s international reduction that's nearly solely missed: due to the fact that 2013, nearly half Africa’s best reduction recipients were governed by way of authoritarian one-party states. Many overseas donors equivalent to USAID, DFID, the area financial institution, and the ecu fee have watched their reduction guidelines changing into more and more entangled with the agendas of governmental elites. the location activates an uncomfortable query: to what volume are international reduction courses now really perpetuating authoritarian rule in Africa?
Aid and Authoritarianism in Africa sheds much-needed mild at the ethical dilemmas and political intricacies raised through the toxic dating among international reduction and autocratic rule. best specialists at the political occasions in Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Cameroon, Mozambique, and Angola give a contribution essays that disclose the effect of overseas reduction on army tips, rural improvement, electoral techniques, and household politics.

Offering a arguable but an important argument at the perpetuation of authoritarianism in Africa, this ebook may be an indispensible source for students and activists drawn to the connection among improvement reduction and politics within the modern panorama.

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