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It was settled in 1639 by people who had been expelled from (thrown out of) Massachusetts for their religious beliefs. Ignored by the other colonies because of this dispute over religion, Newport looked to the sea for its livelihood, and by 1690 it was one of North America’s major ports. Some of the trade there was legal, but much was not. Pirates—those who robbed ships at sea—were a common sight in Newport. Throughout the 1760s the city served as a major slave-trading port for the British Empire.

Moravians believed girls had the same ability to learn as boys: they established schools for both sexes, as well as some all-girl schools. American Revolution: Almanac Revolutionary-Era Colleges Colonial colleges were very small. In 1775 there were nine colleges with a total of 750 students. Eight of the nine were associated with the religious groups who had founded them. It was very costly to attend college, so a college education was limited for the most part to the male children of the wealthy.

Vol. 3. New York: AMS Press, 1968. Marrin, Albert. The War for Independence: The Story of the American Revolution. New York: Atheneum, 1988. Schouler, James. Americans of 1776: Daily Life during the Revolutionary Period. Williamstown, MA: Corner House, 1984. Colonial Life 27 Literature and the Arts in the Revolutionary Era 3 B y the time of the American Revolution (1775–83), American writers had ventured beyond the Puritan literary style and its religious themes and had developed styles of writing that grew from distinctly American experiences.

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