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Only after a close investigation may the decision previously considered notions. It quite deliberately confines be given on one side or the other. To use "facticity" or "factu­ the range of existence to temporal emergence. It would ality"' as entirely synonymous with "existence" would be to hardly leave open the possibility of extending the concept to weigh the scales heavily in favor of complete philosophic existence that does not occur but has abided eternally. That blankness for the existential dimension.

Cer­ tainly the notions of actuality and perfection as philosophical concepts were taken originally from the realm of the catego­ ries. They express a feature pertaining to the essences of things. By analogy they may be carried over to the existential order are actualities, they attain this status only through existing. - as form actualizes and perfects matter, so does existence In a word, they cannot be actual as their nature requires un­ actualize and perfect a thing. The notions of actuality and less they are actuated by existence.

An authentic concept of existence would by itself carry the message that something exists. As the case actually is, on 70 AN INTERPRETATION OF EXISTENCE CIIARACTERISTICS OF EXISTENCE 71 the contrary, any of our reasoning in the order of existence of existence have to be kept steadily in mind, but they also has to be based continually upon existence that is being known should be given the full play of their bearing upon one through judgment. "The existence of whooping cranes" is another. They are not to be viewed in isolation.

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