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Astrophysicists have built a number of very diverse methodologies for fixing the radiative move equation. An advent to Radiative move applies those recommendations to stellar atmospheres, planetary nebulae, supernovae, and different gadgets with related geometrical and actual stipulations. exact tools, quickly tools, probabilistic tools and approximate tools are all defined, together with the most recent and such a lot complicated suggestions. The publication contains different thoughts used for computing line profiles, polarization because of resonance line scattering, polarization in magnetic media and related phenomena.

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2) we obtain cos θ 1 − cos2 θ ∂ Iν ∂ Iν − = jν − κν Iν . 2 Ray path in spherical symmetry. 8) can be written as µ ∂ Iν 1 − µ2 ∂ I ν + = jν − κν Iν . 9) for spherical symmetry by the term 1 − µ2 ∂ I ν . 4. In plane parallel geometry the ray makes a constant angle θ with the normal while in the spherically symmetric shells the angle made by the radius vector and the ray direction changes constantly. 5). The ray appears to peak with the radius vector towards the outer boundary of the spherical symmetry.

3) is the simplest of the transfer equations with scattering to have been studied extensively. 10) are written as ∞ Iν (τ, µ) = τ Iν (τ, −µ) = exp[−(t − τ )/µ]Jν (t) τ 0 dt µ exp[−(τ − t)/µ]Jν (t) dt µ (0 < µ ≤ 1), (0 < µ ≤ 1). 6) The above solutions can be expressed in terms of Jν (τ ). We shall omit the subscript ν for convenience. Let us write that In (τ ) = +1 −1 I (τ, µ)µn dµ. 7) and obtain ∞ In (τ ) = 1 dt J (t) τ dµ µn−1 exp[−(t − τ )/µ] 0 τ + (−1)n 1 dt J (t) 0 dµ µn−1 exp[−(τ − t)/µ]. 8) becomes ∞ In (τ ) = dt J (t) τ τ + (−1)n 0 ∞ dx exp[−x(t − τ )] x n+1 1 ∞ dx dt J (t) exp[−x(τ − t)].

8 Write down all the components of the stress tensor. From these relations show that the mean pressure is given by p = 13 [ pr (x x) + pr (yy) + pr (zz)]. 9 Calculate the value of f , the Eddington factor: (a) when I (µ) = I0 + ∞ n In µ , where the summation includes only odd powers of n and (b) when I is different, say a1 and a2 , in the two ranges (0 ≤ µ ≤ 1) and (−1 ≤ µ ≤ 0). 10 Calculate J , H or F and K if I (µ) = |µ|. 11 Show that the angle-averaged R I and R I I functions with dipole scattering are given respectively by R I −A(dipole) (x, x ) = 3 −1 π 2 8 × 3− = ∞ |x| ¯ x u exp(−u 2 ) 2 − x u 2 +3 2 x u 2 3 1 erfc (|x|) ¯ 3 + 2 x 2 + x 2 + 4x 2 x 2 8 2 1 ¯ 2 |x|(2|x| ¯ + 1) − π 2 e−|x| and x u 2 du References R I I −A(dipole) (x, x ) = 27 3 −3 π 2σ 8 × +3 x+u x−u ¯ ∞ 1 2 ¯ | |x−x 3− x −t u 2 exp(−u 2 ) x −t u 2 x −t u 2 − x −t u 2 dt du .

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