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These differences cannot be reduced to personal idiosyncrasies but reflect differences laid down by differential patterns of socialisation and professionalisation, which often lead to miscommunication or a clash of rationalities. The process is further compounded by the coexistence of several different cultural models or organising principles within a single pop- 29 ulation or administrative organisation which creates room for manoeuvre in the interpretation and utilisation of these cultural values or standpoints.

It is the way a parent may intervene in a child’s action or a master in the apprentice’s work in order to help him/her develop his/her skills. It is, however, not the germ cell of developmental intervention in work activities because work is not primarily about individual actions but about collaborative production. Remediation of collaborative work activities In contrast to animals, man does not secure his livelihood through the individual acquisition of food and shelter. Individuals satisfy their needs by taking part in productive work activities according to the societal division of labour and through a societal system of the distribution and exchange of resources.

In this way, one aims, as it were, to map out what we might describe as cartography of cultural difference, power and authority. Such interface analysis has a direct bearing on how one looks at policy processes. Policy debates, including policy formulation, implementation and evaluation, are permeated by interface discontinuities and struggles. Indeed the whole process consists of an intricate series of socially-constructed and negotiated transformations relating to different institutional domains and differentially affecting a variety of actors.

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